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Job Details

Location of Job: Vienna, VA
When: Oct 11, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Power Washing
Brief Explanation

These customers needed to have their sidewalk cleaned. While we were at it, they requested that we pressure wash their entire home. We were happy to comply with their request.

Sidewalk Surface Cleaning

Have a look our premium pressure washing machine that helps us get great surface cleaning results.

One of the major factors that must be taken into consideration when having your sidewalk cleaned in Vienna, VA is what type of sidewalk surface you have. This home illustrates two different sidewalk surfaces and two different techniques.

The first surface is a stone walk surface. This is a decorative sidewalk entrance to the home that is located in the front of the property. In efforts to preserve the integrity of this beautiful surface, we used the wand instead of the circular surface cleaner.

Although the surface cleaner could track over the uneven stone path, we feel that the wand gives greater protection to the grout that is found between the stones. The last thing we'd like to do is to ruin the grout in the midst of trying to clean it. We can easily approximate the wand to the surface, and distance it, in order to surgically and safely remove aggregate from the surface.

Smooth Surface Cleaning

The other surface is a smooth surface. It is found in the rear of the home and has your conventional sidewalk design from concrete. This type of surface is best taken care of with a surface cleaner.

Furthermore, we have the added option of steaming the surface with our hot water pressure cleaning capacity. This creates a powerful penetrating cleaning force to tackle even the toughest stains. The circular motion of the surface cleaner ensures thorough cleaning.

Both sidewalks turned out beautifully... as did the rest of the home. The stone surface is distinguished with remarkable contrast from before and after. The clients were very pleased with the results.

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Client Testimonial
Hire them. Great job! ~ Denise D. - Fort Royal, VA

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