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We have received 28 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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No Stain Can Stand Up To Our Hot Wash Steam Cleaning Technique

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Driveways Sustain A Lot Of Ware And Tare

Tire Traffic & Constant Exposure To The Elements Leads To A Filthy Driveway

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When you need your Driveway Pressure Cleaned in Ashburn... you don't have time to wait for someone to eventually get back to you. Your HOA certainly won't wait.

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Your Driveway Is Going To Look GREAT!

With our hot water cleaning capacity, your driveway stains will be a thing of the past! It will remind you of when the driveway was brand new.

Can you imagine it? No more dirty smears on the driveway. No more oil stains. No more HOA notices.

Expert Service With Elite Pressure Washing

Elite Pressure Washing is your local team of exceptional driveway pressure cleaning services. We are licensed, insured and experienced to get the job done right.

Recent customers have referred to us as "prompt, professional" and "easy to communicate with."

Driveway cleaning is one of our highlight services. Our state-of-the-art hot water process distinguishes from other services.

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Before Photos

B&A Concrete Steps

After Photo

B&A Concrete Steps

Job Details

Location of Job: Ashburn, VA
When: May 11, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Pressure Washing Concrete Stairs
Brief Explanation

The steps to your home are about the first things people see. When you look at them, you want them to be clean and nice to look at. Sometimes, those steps need serious pressure washing to get them to look good.

We arrived at this Ashburn home and immediately saw the need for our services. The stairs had been overrun with algae, mold and dirt and were looking pretty poor.

Another thing we noticed, these stairs were starting to become slippery when they got wet. This would be especially dangerous in the rain that we get all the time.

We Went To Work Pressure Washing The Steps

We pressure washed this town home's entrance concrete steps, making sure to get all the algae out of the corners and step surfaces and faces. When we were done, we made sure we didn't need to do any more and had the customer take a close look.

This stoop turned out looking really good in the end and we felt great to have completed a wonderful job for a wonderful customer!

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Reston, VA
When: Oct 10, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Power Washing
Brief Explanation

The homeowners at this property needed to have their driveway, sidewalk and front porch pressure cleaned. We responded very quickly to their request.

Spotless Surface Cleaning

Have a look at a Vienna sidewalk cleaning job that we did recently.

The driveway was what needed the most attention. Driveways typically will accumulate the most amount of wear and tear. As the tires of your vehicle travel for miles at high velocity, they will heat up. The hot tires come to rest on your driveway while crushing any and all sticks, leaves and debris in their way.

The result over time is a built up layer of accumulated aggregate that will increase the stained appearance on the driveway surface.

Also leaving stains on your driveway are the drips of fluids from your car that find their way out. Engine oil is a particularly bad culprit.

Heat/Steam Cleaning

The most effective way to eliminate stains and oil spots is with the combination of heat and pressure. Elite Pressure Washing is equipped with both. This driveway benefitted from out powerful process of spot elimination. We even got the oil spots to lift out of the surface of the driveway.

The homeowners were very pleased with the results. We're happy to have the privilege of serving the community with top-notch pressure washing services.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Vienna, VA
When: Oct 11, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Power Washing
Brief Explanation

These customers needed to have their sidewalk cleaned. While we were at it, they requested that we pressure wash their entire home. We were happy to comply with their request.

Sidewalk Surface Cleaning

Have a look our premium pressure washing machine that helps us get great surface cleaning results.

One of the major factors that must be taken into consideration when having your sidewalk cleaned in Vienna, VA is what type of sidewalk surface you have. This home illustrates two different sidewalk surfaces and two different techniques.

The first surface is a stone walk surface. This is a decorative sidewalk entrance to the home that is located in the front of the property. In efforts to preserve the integrity of this beautiful surface, we used the wand instead of the circular surface cleaner.

Although the surface cleaner could track over the uneven stone path, we feel that the wand gives greater protection to the grout that is found between the stones. The last thing we'd like to do is to ruin the grout in the midst of trying to clean it. We can easily approximate the wand to the surface, and distance it, in order to surgically and safely remove aggregate from the surface.

Smooth Surface Cleaning

The other surface is a smooth surface. It is found in the rear of the home and has your conventional sidewalk design from concrete. This type of surface is best taken care of with a surface cleaner.

Furthermore, we have the added option of steaming the surface with our hot water pressure cleaning capacity. This creates a powerful penetrating cleaning force to tackle even the toughest stains. The circular motion of the surface cleaner ensures thorough cleaning.

Both sidewalks turned out beautifully... as did the rest of the home. The stone surface is distinguished with remarkable contrast from before and after. The clients were very pleased with the results.

Recent Reviews

Todd Johnson

Ashburn, VA

Date: Jul 9, 2019
Elite Pressure Washing cleaned a large Coverall Fabric Building horse riding arena for us. Over 22,000 sqft of an area with a peak of more than 50' from the center and over 40' in the air. I'm in awe of what an amazing job they did. It looks brand new, and even a professional building installer from the company couldn't believe what a great job they'd done. Everyone at Elite is polite, responsive, knowledgeable and highly professional and their prices were very fair. I felt I got a great value for my dollar. I can't recommend them highly enough. You can feel confident trusting your cleaning job, large or small, to Elite Pressure Washing.

"Couldn't Believe What A Great Job They'd Done"

John Ewers

Ashburn, VA

Date: May 23, 2019
Andy did an excellent job power washing my house. He confirmed before he started what I wanted to be done and walked me through it upon completion. Elite was able to schedule around my time and thoroughly clean my house.

"Did An Excellent Job Power Washing My House."

Allison Rumsey

Ashburn, VA

Date: Sep 18, 2018
Highly Recommend Elite due to the trustworthy and diligent employees. The receptionist was friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt in responding to calls! You won’t be disappointed!

"You Won’t Be Disappointed!"

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Elite Pressure Washing

44632 Guilford Dr. Building 105 Ashburn, VA 20147


This is more than just a job for us. It means more to us than just staying busy, or keeping food on the table. For us... our quality represents our signature, our name, our reputation.

Each and every job is done with excellence because that is the only way we know how to operate. As an owner-operated company, no corners are cut and nothing is overlooked.


1. Why Should I Have My Driveway Pressure Cleaned?


There are many reasons why your driveway should be pressure cleaned. It helps maintain, restore and preserve property value. The driveway presence can add a lot to the aesthetic appeal of a home. Removing grime and aggregate from the surface will add an element of safety to the property with decreased potential for slips and falls.

Furthermore, there is a health concern related with mold that builds up on driveway surfaces. Mold is an allergen that has the potential to cause sickness... especially in children.

Your driveway should be cleaned to maintain a safe, healthy and attractive property.

2. How About Oil Stains? Can You Get Them Out?


Oil stains are challenging... but not impossible. Your average pressure washing company is not equipped with the proper machinery to take out oil stains. Elite Pressure Washing is not your average company.

We utilize a high-end, hot water producing pressure washer that will effectively steam away the stains. HEAT is the key for oil stains.

3. Are My Plants Going To Be Damaged?


All of our chemicals for pressure washing your driveway are non-toxic and biodegradable. People, plants and animals at your property are all safe.

4. Can I Have An Estimate Over The Phone?


We provide estimates after visiting your property. This is done for multiple reasons. One reason is that we look forward to meeting you. We'd like to personally answer your questions and help you understand our technique for pressure cleaning.

We also wish to provide you with the best possible price. When we visit your property, we can evaluate accurately the scope of work and give our absolute best price possible.