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Pressure Washing Leesburg VA
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We have received 13 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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From Driveways To Roofs To Walls, You'll Love Our Service!

Why Do You Need Pressure Washing?

  • Our Leesburg House Is Changing Colors In A Bad Way
  • We Have A Dirty, Grimy Roof.
  • We Need Concrete Cleaners/Pressure Washers
  • I Have A Leesburg Business That Needs Cleaning
  • We Need Something Else Washed, Like Windows
  • We Need The Oil Stain Removed From The Driveway

Are You Tired Of The Looks Of Algae Mold, Etc?

It Is Dangerous, Especially On Wet Driveways.

We Can Pressure Wash Your Surfaces To Look Good!

How Soon Can Elite Pressure Washing Leesburg Help?

We can be there on the same day, sometimes.

We can always pressure wash your place within 24-48 hours, too.

Or we can come at your request, just let us know!

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Who Will Answer The Phone?

When you call Elite Pressure Washing, Gabriel will answer the call.

He is the owner of this business and is looking forward to cleaning the gunk off your surfaces.

He's been a professional cleaner for years and is really good at it.

We Are Expert Pressure Washers.

Why Are We "Experts"?


We have the experience (see our jobs below), the reviews (read them under the "reviews" tab) and the training to back it up.

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You Benefit From Our Experience

1. We are A Local Company That Works Hard For You

2. Your House Or Business Will Look Fantastic. Guaranteed!

3. We Do More Than Pressure Washing: We Clean Gutters, Roofs & More

4. We Treat You With Courtesy & Respect

5. We Arrive On-Time & Finish On-TimE

6. We Are Reasonably Priced So You Will Save Money!

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Recent Reviews

Tina Fuller

Ashburn, VA

Date: Jun 28, 2017
Elite's customer service was fantastic! They did a wonderful job, were on time, and were reasonably priced. There needs to be more companies like them! I highly recommend them.

"More Companies Like Them!"

Myriam Perez

Leesburg, VA

Date: Jun 2, 2017
This was a very positive experience and will definitely use again. All personnel was very courteous & friendly. The work was done promptly and detailed well. I really appreciated the discount given to me when the varnish cost was less than anticipated. Very impressed with Elite Pressure Washing!

"A very positive experience"

Jonathan Gorbach

Ashburn, VA

Date: May 22, 2017
Excellent service. I had a short amount of time to clean my garage floor before storage boxes could be moved. Gabriel and his brother were very accommodating with schedule and even helped me move boxes to access the entire floor. Very professional and did great work. I recommend them without reservation.

"I recommend them without reservation."

Elite Leesburg Pressure Washing

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Elite Pressure Washing

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Did You Know...

We Also Clean Gutters & Rooftops?

We Are A Great Value!

By keeping your surfaces clean, you stop hazards from forming, lessen the amount of spores, pollen and other allergens in the air, and you get a great looking house or a pleasantly attractive business.

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All for a great price!

Pressure washing in Leesburg has never been better.


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Pressure Washing In Leesburg: The Right Choice

We are the right choice for Leesburg power washing.

We've been doing it for a long time and have the experience gained form that.

We also continuously retrain to make sure we do it right the first, at all times.

We can make a huge difference on the health of your family (no slipping!), the how long your surfaces last,  and, of course,  the looks of your concrete, walls or roof.

Talk To Gabriel, Now.

He's Ready For Your Call.

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Elite Pressure Washing

44632 Guilford Dr. Building 105 Ashburn, VA 20147


We do a lot of pressure washing in Leesburg. Read the section below to find out more.


1. Do You Soft Wash Roofs?


Yes! We make sure your roof is clean and keeps working after we are done!

Here is a page about soft washing Leesburg roofs.

2. Do You Clean Gutters And Trim


We sure do! In fact, here is a picture of Gabriel washing the trim of a house recently:

pressure washing leesburg 1

3. Do You Remove Oil Stains in Leesburg?


Oil stain removal is tough, but we can sure make a difference. It all depends on how old they are, what type of oil was dropped and the type of concrete you have there.

The more porous, the less likely it'll all come off.

However, we can really lighten them so that those oil stains are barely noticeable. See the images below to see what I mean. The top one is before, the second after a pressure washing service.